Monthly Archives: July 2019

Kittens! (And some less fun stuff)

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, starting with the fact that Cats Protection finally contacted after three months waiting and we now have an adorable pair of black kittens who we’ve named Quentin and Alice. They’re very well socialized thanks to the nice lady who was fostering them, and despite her claim that they are “naughty kittens” they’ve adjusted very quickly, seem very comfortable with people, and only climbed up the curtains that one time.

Around the same time of the above we got some much sadder news, that John’s grandfather had died. He was ninety-nine, just a couple of months ago the family had started to plan for his hundredth celebration, so it wasn’t entirely a shock.

In more mundane matters, I managed to have my wallet stolen, which wouldn’t be a big deal what with online banking and card freezes nowadays, but did cost me a couple hundred pounds because my BRP was in my wallet – on my list for next month is getting some other form of photo ID to carry for basic purposes. The replacement process is more opaque than it should be, and very stressful, but luckily it’s also reasonably fast and I should have a new card by next week.

So yeah, that’s July so far and it still has a solid week to go.

Pupper, snek, etc

The last week has been very warm in the UK, even to the point I’ve been okay with it starting to drop back down again. Still, the sunshine allowed us to have our second barbecue, on a Thursday this time so shorter but with 100% more dog (Elda, a dorbs Westie).

Shortly thereafter John headed off northwards for a conference, which means a week of letting the laundry pile up and letting my eating habits slowly deteriorate, hurrah! Also binging shows that we don’t watch together – Big Little Lies y’all! The first couple of episodes of The Bodyguard, which I’m not entirely convinced by, and then back to Killing Eve which should get me to Tuesday.

I also went to a birthday party that had zero dogs but one ball python, which I got to hold until it got bored. So not a bad weekend all in all.