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    Still have a lingering cough, but otherwise back to normal. Gearing up for some travel, going to Uppsala for Eurocon and to visit friends, and bracing myself for Gallifrey One Hotel Hunger Games next week. Here at home there was the coronation of course, aside from some bunting down the street we experienced it mainly through memes. John has friends over this weekend so its been all gaming all the time for him and mostly puttering about in the garden when its sunny, and reading when it isn’t for me. Quite a pleasant way to spend a three-day weekend.

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    So far so good

    Still testing positive a week on, had to postpone my dentist appointment to get my implant stitches out. I I remain congested, and a bit fuzzy, but generally feel better so hopefully just a few more days of this nonsense.…

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    A week back from Eastercon today, but obviously Covid ate that week right up. Still testing positive at the moment, but feeling mostly normal other than a realtively (so far) light cough. The first few days I basically slept all…

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    I have a bunch of art stuff to do as convention season is here, so I’ve applied for my passport, registered my postal vote, painted the downstairs hall, and planted some berry bushes in the garden.

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    As of a couple of days ago I’m officially British. The ceremony was a bit long but nice overall, there was piper and a harpist and a couple of speeches. The mayor confirmed we are also Geordies, so I’ll have…

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    We went to London and saw some culture! Despite the strikes on Friday we had a smooth trip to Croydon to the stay at Fishlifter Manor, where we were greeted by a very welcome dhansak. Saturday we headed to the…

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    In the ear

    One of the nice things about working from home is that I can listen to stuff all day; music, audiobooks, podcasts. I’m not consistent in my habits, usually the end and beginning of the year are when I’m best at…

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    One Wednesday I had lunch at the new Spanish tapas place in Grainger market, after getting a roscón from their shop, it has a limited but solid menu and they plan to open in the mornings to do churros, so…

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    Obligatory New Year’s Post

    2023, so far so good. We ended the old year with friends, drinks, food, boardgames, and a movie, then started the new year with much the same. Appropriately the movie for the closing year was a rewatch, Logan Lucky in…

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    I’m on wandering.shop, enjoying it well enough now that there are actual people on it – I had created an account a while back but only poked my nose in now and then as it was pretty quiet. It has…

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    Yes Chef!

    We went to see The Menu yesterday and really loved it. Dark, tense, very funny, and the perfect cast. There’s a few minor bits that don’t gel (sorry) but it’d make a great triple bill with the Benoit Blanc films.…