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    I’ve been going through the old posts to clean up links, fortmatting, and even finding the odd missing report, like Silicon 2006, that’s slipped through the cracks. At the same time I’m scanning old family photos, so I’ve experienced a…

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    Birthday, etc

    My birthday fell on a Sunday, so I made pancakes like I usually do but with bananas and chocolate chips. John made me a Victoria sponge birthday cake, and for dinner he made roast chicken – the original plan called…

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    Xmas everywhere

    Aside from a trip to get my passport replaced, which was mildly stressful but also sort of a nice change of pace, its holidays at home for us of course. So I am compensating by watching as many holiday movies…

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    Burritos and pizza

    With Lockdown 2 in place for November it seemed a bit silly to do a big turkey and trimmings just for us. So I made pumpkin pie, we ordered burritos with the reasoning that they are the American food most…