A wedding

The weekend after we got back from Dublin it was time to head up to Peterborough for Kathryn and George’s wedding!

We got a ride with John’s Aunt Jennifer, and arrived in Peterborough in time to get a few hours in at the Beer Festival with John’s brother David and his partner Becky. I had a few nice beers and one or two not-great ones, and we ran into Andrew Ellis which was nice. We chatted and drank for a few hours, won a couple of bar mats in the tombola, and then it was time for dinner at the Blue Bell with the bride and groom and their families. It was a good meal, and we were seated near Kathryn’s brother and his partner, who actually live close to us and gave us a ride back on the Monday.

It was held at the The William Cecil, a lovely building in the beautiful stone town of Stamford. The ceremony was outdoors, with the wedding breakfast in a tent directly after, followed by a couple hours for people to relax and change if they wanted to before the evening’s disco and hog roast. It was a lovely ceremony, followed by a reception in a tent. The food was good, though it was far too hot that day for me to want any wine, by the evening things were much more pleasant and everyone seemed to be having a lovely time.  

Monday was a bank holiday, so we had a lie in before the long ride back south.

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