Arts and crafts

So the good news I hinted at came through, but then I got so busy I forgot to post; I have an exhibition at the local bookstore through March 28th. The opening was yesterday, and while it didn’t exactly get crowded it was a fun time with a bunch of friends and a few strangers who were kind enough to buy some of the art, can’t ask for much more than that.

On the crafts front, there’s a local antiques/crafts place that has opened a new location in town and I’ve secured a little shelf there. The timing was tricky because of the above, but I got enough stuff put together to get a start and am really looking forward to doing more crafts.

So, a very busy February, not even counting my actual day job, which has been a bit chaotic as all the cruise lines are changing itineraries and cancelling cruises outright.

And now it’s my birthday month, with several weekend visitors planned through the month and we’ve even had several hours of sunshine.

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