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Not a proper con report, but a roundup of highlights; Arriving at 3am and losing a day of touristing due to American Airlines being trash, but still getting to ride the L because it runs all night. Good breakfasts at Wildberry and Cafecito accompanied by Alison, Liz, Steven, Garcia, and Vanessa. The artist reception (which could have been better advertised but was still a lot of fun) and seeing the Korshak Collection up close including the original Finlay colour illustration for The Ballad of Lost C’mell. Selling nine out of the ten fans I brought! The Fanzine Lounge, which was just the right combo of relaxing space to hang out and hub for almost everyone I wanted to see. The parties, including Glasgow and its gin, Pemmi-con and its Sortilège, the Dune Hugo trophy making the rounds, Seattle and its beer and cider. The outfits and speeches at the Hugos, a very good vibe this year even if John didn’t get to bring one home. CoNZealand in a Box. Seeing so many people I haven’t seen in ages. And CHICAGO, last time I didn’t get to see nearly enough of it. This time we squeezed in an architectural tour by boat, a walk down to Buckingham Fountain, and a visit to the Art Institute, but there was still so much on my list I didn’t get a chance to see and so much food I wanted to try but didn’t get to, it’s almost like doing a worldcon and a vacation at the same time is a lot.

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