Despite the dearth of posts here, its been a reasonably busy few months for me. Starting with a trip to LA in February for Gallifrey One, which was as amazing as ever, followed by a week with in Santa Monica visting family and enjoying the sunshine.

Then at the end of March it was time for Levitation, the 2024 Eastercon, held at the Telford International Convention Centre. I had a really great time, really should have written a proper trip report but have fallen out of the habit really. The whole convention was great, there was some mutterings about it being held at a convention centre, but overall it seemed to work great. I missed there being a dance, and cosplay was limited, though they did have a “dress up day” that brought a handful of us out of the woodwork. I did pretty well in the art show, was part of the winning quiz team, enjoyed the panels and dealers, and generally enjoyed the vibe this year. It probably helped that the Hugo finalist announcement was at the end of opening ceremonies, and I’m delighted to once again (for the first time?) be on it.

Also the joy of seeing the tartan rocket up close should not be underestimated.

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