CoNZealand Day 1

The first half of today was last minute convention set up, my own (art show) and theirs (Exhibits pages). Then after dinner, going through the schedule a ticking off far too many panels, as is tradition. I spent too long trying to figure out how to get Grenadine to show my schedule local timezone – turns out that isn’t a feature it offers, it will only show the local time when you click on a specific item. However, someone on Facebook mentioned that it does allow you do download an .ics file of your schedule and your calendar will do it for you instead. After some struggles with the download I eventually achieved my goal! So many panels, so many conflicts… that’s how you can tell it’s a real Worldcon.

I got a little nap in before Opening Ceremonies, grabbed a half pint and clicked on the event link. It didn’t work, and along with some other folks in the Discord events channel I clicked around trying to sign in. With their help I eventually did so, and it was a lovely video. Both the retro and regular Hugo bases are fantastic this year.

And then the first panel; Shared Common Myths, which was very enjoyable and will probably add to my reading list. Having the Discord to chat in during the panel is nice.

But now it’s twenty past two, and the next panel on my list isn’t till three am. At that point there are actually four panels/events I am interested in, but I think I will sleep instead.

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