Life in the UK

Yesterday we went to Southsea so I could take my Life in the UK test. This was our first train trip since the before-times, I don’t know how busy that route used to be, but it was pretty empty around 2pm when we went down and a bit busier but still chill on the way back around 5pm. Masks are mandatory on public transit and everyone was in compliance, outside I only saw two or three others.

Even though I know all these things have been outsourced, I sort of expected the testing centre to be a large government-type facility. It was actually about the size of my local dentist practice; one a small office, a waiting room, and a testing room (plus the toilets). It was pretty well organized though; coloured tape on the floor to mark where to go and where to wait, the staff had masks and guards, and everything was as distanced and sanitized as possible. The test itself took about five minutes and was easy, they emailed me my results ten or fifteen minutes later (I passed).

If it had been slightly less windy we would have enjoyed a proper wander up the beach and maybe a takeaway along the promenade or common, but as it was we hustled back to the train station to catch the earlier once-an-hour train back to St. Denys. Once home we celebrated with Indian delivery and a movie; Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, which I recommend if you like Eurovision and/or silly fun movies.

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