Conventions,  Updates

October starts with a bang

Two conventions this weekend; Futuricon, the Croatian Eurocon and C’Monfluence, the virtual Confluence. Neither has an art show and neither seems to be doing much with parties, but so far I’m enjoying the respective Discords and the panels seem decent.

Meanwhile it’s exactly one month till the election and the news is even more 2020 than it has been so far. Just. a lot. One piece of sad news that actually happened on the 30th but I just saw was the Quino, creator of Mafalda, has died. I actually had looked him up earlier this year in a fit of nostalgia, and hadn’t realised his parents were from M├ílaga.

Oh, and I got a new iPad with an Apple Pencil! It’s shiny and new, and basically magic, so that’ll keep my busy for a while – which is fortunate because it certainly blew a hole in my bank account.

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