I guess September happened?

We left the house a few times, to Unity for beer to go, to the Bookshop for beer to go, to the Butchers for beer to go (I sense a theme). We went to Paddle and Peel for date night – sat outside and had delicious pizza and chocolate calzones for desert. John’s friend Emma, who lives nearby now, came by for a drink and chat in the garden. Oh, I took Alice to the vet! That was a small adventure which she did not enjoy at all but was luckily a minor inconvenience and nothing to actually worry about.

And then there was one slightly bigger adventure, John’s parents drove down for a visit a week and a half ago and we went to Bournemouth to the Russell-Cotes Gallery. It was the longest I’ve spent inside a building I don’t live in since lockdown… but what a building. It was just as nice as I remembered and mostly distancing was good, except perhaps in the special exhibit section – we had fish and chips afterwards and ice cream on the beach, then a walk the park before coming home and finishing the day off with Venezuelan food delivery. It was very pleasant and we picked up some nice coasters for ourselves, plus they bought us a couple of lovely bits of blue pottery as our early Xmas present.

Then suddenly it was October!

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