Tearing down, building up

Work has started on the bathroom, which involves a fair bit of awkwardly trying to maintain social distancing while conversing about the work done/needed. It’s just one guy doing the work for obvious reasons (it’s a small bathroom) and we have exiled ourselves to the upstairs except when he needs to tell us something. He assures us he’s been mostly isolating anyway, as have we, so in spite of not being able to maintain strict distancing due to the limits of the architecture I’m reasonably comfortable so far. The main disadvantages so far are that the poor cats have spent the day locked in the bedroom and that we obviously have to, well, hold it all day until the bathroom is accessible again.

Without access to the rest of the house I basically spent most of the day updating my website, tagging old posts, and recovering some pre-2018 posts from my Dreamwidth account. Glad to get it done, even though reading old travel posts is bittersweet just now.

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