The Holidays So Far

The holiday season kicked off for us with a trip down to London for Thanksgiving with friends, bookended by excursions in the city.

Being up north now, we don’t find ourselves going throuhg the capital on our way to other places much anymore, so we try to make a point of taking advantage when we are down there. On this ocassion we visited the London Mithraeum, glimpsed the London Stone around the corner, then took the tube to Crystal Palace to see the Victorian dinosaurs basking in their ponds. Along the way we had excellent pizza, cardammom buns, salt beef on rye, and beigels. On the way back home we got a chance to visit the Fantasy: Realms of Imagination exhibition at the British Library.

A few days after getting home it was John’s birthday! We celebrated birthday eve with sushi and Mansions of Madness in Whitley Bay, followed by John Robertson’s Dark Room.

And now I get a few quiet days while John is away on a work trip, which should allow plenty of time for sitting under a cat watching trashy movies and trying not to be envious every time he sends a photo of a burrito.

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