Water from the sky

The heatwave has properly broken and we can think again!

In the end I sold four fans altogether at CoNZealand, so I’m calling that a success. This weekend is ReCONvene, which is a single day convention and I’ve just signed up for the Open Art Show so I don’t expect sales necessarily, especially given that it is tomorrow and there hasn’t been much communication. Still, the programme schedule looks good and there was no cost to the art show so no risk. Then next week is NASFiC (my first) which is a bit bigger of course.

Virtual conventions are easier to submit to, of course, even though fewer of them have art shows (the panel/lecture and to a lesser extent the social aspects of the convention are the easiest to replicate, naturally) so I’m trying out Airtable to keep track of upcoming events. So far it seems pretty handy.

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