Well shit

Normally I’d start off with the usual apologies for not having posted in ages, but that seems silly under the circumstances.

Long story short, I stated working from home from March 19th and John was already doing so by then. Lockdown followed on the 23rd, and fortunately we’d been pretty stocked up between regular shopping habits, Brexit prep, and a few additional bits and pieces. We were already getting a weekly veg box, there are several good delivery services for bread, coffee, and beer, plus quite a few take outs and restaurants for the occasional treat. Our neighborhood is pretty conveniently located; we’re close to the river and riverside park, not too crowded around here, and there’s a good neighbourhood Facebook and street Whatsapp. The wifi is good, we have the cats to entertain us, and the garden to get some sunshine if the park looks busy. We’re incredibly lucky, in short.

Whoops – left this in drafts!

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