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Xmas at the Coxon’s

Back from the Coxon family home, where we had a relatively small but still very nice Christmas. We played Sushi Go, got some quality time with Alfie the cat, who is getting cuddly in his old age, and we watched Coco in between the various Xmas meals. There was a Nuñez Zoom, or actually a Whereby, which was quite animated, and George & Kathryn came by for presents and dinner.

Fabric wrapping worked well, I found out there is of course a Japanese method called furoshiki which gives you nice tidy results. Along with re-using some gift bags, this is the first year we produced no waste, which is nice.

Now we have a week off at home, will try to get a few things done in preparation for the new year and the move, but otherwise just relax, read some books, watch some movies, and play with the cats.

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