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Xmas everywhere

Aside from a trip to get my passport replaced, which was mildly stressful but also sort of a nice change of pace, its holidays at home for us of course. So I am compensating by watching as many holiday movies as I can this year. Sticking to stuff available on streaming services we already have, but that still offers a whole lot. And lots of it is pretty bad, frankly.

On the nice list; Let It Snow, Noelle, A Bad Mom’s Christmas, Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square, Jingle Bell Rocks, The Holiday. I wouldn’t necessarily say any of them are a keepers, two and a half to three and a half star fare, but I’d happily watch them if they came on the tv while I was visiting family for Christmas.

On the naughty list; Love the Coopers, Pottersville, Four Christmases, Christmas with the Kranks. These are ones I would take a cold walk in the snow with awkward chitchat in order to avoid.

Honourable mention to Dash & Lilly, which is a miniseries rather than a movie, and which I found charming.

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