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I’ve been going through the old posts to clean up links, fortmatting, and even finding the odd missing report, like Silicon 2006, that’s slipped through the cracks. At the same time I’m scanning old family photos, so I’ve experienced a weird whiplash of nostalgia, bouncing between adorable toddler photos and dissolute mid-aughts Bay Area convention shenanigans.

In the current timeline I’m getting ready for Norwescon by exploring Airmeet a bit… I think it looks neat? It’ll be interesting to see how it works for the actual event. Also getting some old fashioned illos done, which I want to do more of this year, it’s been nice using a dip pen again.

Finally, we had an enjoyable Zoom beer tasting last night, organized by Unity. It was fun, led to John going to get cheesy chips for us, and now I know that two pints in one hour will get me drunk at my current capacity.

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