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Moving up to Newcastle has meant a lot more going out and doing things. Partly because we’re no longer in the process of finding a house and moving across the country, of course, but really mostly because there is so much to see and do here. Plus we’ve instituted a local First Thursday.

Recent highlights;

Halloween! We’d been wanting to have one for ages, and used it as an excuse to paint the living room. We had a couple dozen people over, there were drinks and costumes, and a truly excessive take out order. The next day we went to Wylam for a Sunday roast, and Monday was Halloween proper, during which we got a steady stream of trick-or-treaters.

Food; Wylam’s roast, but especially the set cream and cherries dessert, Chucho’s Tacos and its margaritas and micheladas, Dosa Kitchen, the podi dosa especially, the arepas at DeliChurros,plus we have a list as long as my arm of places to try. So far we’ve encountered very few duds.

Art; The Lindisfarme Gospels at the Lain, very nice exhibition generally, with a well-presented lead up of historical context and an adjacent exhibition of spiritual and religious art. The Gospel itself is truly impressive, just astonishing work. Closer to the here and how, the Peter Hanmer Seeking Armageddon exhibit at the Newcastle Arts Centre, mesmerizing Boschian creations. We also so some very funny and very rude movies that same night at the BBC Comedy Adult Film Club.

Movies; Living in a city with a proper independent cinema, as well as a fancy Everyman for the bigger Marvel releases and such. The Tyneside is definitely our favourite, because in the end we are hipsters at heart.

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