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Birthday, etc

My birthday fell on a Sunday, so I made pancakes like I usually do but with bananas and chocolate chips. John made me a Victoria sponge birthday cake, and for dinner he made roast chicken – the original plan called for sushi but we’d had our meat delivery and realized the chicken probably shouldn’t sit in the fridge for too long. We took a walk along Riverside Park and got mr. whippy with sprinkles from the van despite the cold. We played Ticket to Ride (I lost, but with my best score yet) and watched Birds of Prey, which was very fun. A nice pandemic birthday, all in all.

John got me some lovely handmade ramen bowls, which I used on Tuesday with some of the leftover chicken. I also got Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno Garcia, which I really liked. I also some cash which went on various items I’ve been planning to buy myself, including a pizza stone to bake loaves!

We did the sushi a week later, with more Victoria sponge and Bill & Ted Face the Music (goofy fun, if maybe not a classic for the ages). I got several sakes for the occasion, and we had one of the cloudy ones chilled. Now I’m lusting after sake sets with warmers for one of the other ones.

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