Food and Drink


One Wednesday I had lunch at the new Spanish tapas place in Grainger market, after getting a roscón from their shop, it has a limited but solid menu and they plan to open in the mornings to do churros, so I’m looking forward to that.

The roscón is tasty, though I’d forgotten how big they are – a lot for two people, we aren’t even halfway through it. I also made fabada, and after dinner we gave the cats their Xmas toys, which went over very well. Since we’re likely to be away during actual Xmas and sometimes New Year, and since we are bad at getting them new toys, we’ve decided they can get them on Jan 6th to wrap the season up. Quentin liked crinkly catnip kicker, and they both very much liked the feather wand teaser and the licky matt.

Now the tinsel is put away for another year and there’s nothing to look forward to until Burns Night!

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