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In the ear

One of the nice things about working from home is that I can listen to stuff all day; music, audiobooks, podcasts. I’m not consistent in my habits, usually the end and beginning of the year are when I’m best at remembering to put my headphones on – all the roundups and recommendations, plus the usual new year “do all the things” energy, but I do get through quite a bit of audio, especially the podcasts.

There are some I always keep up with, This Had Oscar Buzz, Off Menu, and the Taskmaster Podcast in particular. Octothorpe, of course, though I may be biased there.

Then there are the intermittent listens; Things You Missed in History Class, Unspooled, Fanboy Planet, Films to be Buried With, local history ones like Castle Stories and various old time radio shows, usually science fiction or horror anthologies, plus the ocassional detective series. The binges like the riverting Rachel Maddow’s Ultra, or the ongoing The Missing Cryptoqueen, I mostly avoid the grimmer true crime ones but fraudsters, conmen, and traitors

As it’s January again I’ve been adding to the list; Articles of Interest, which delightfully has fandom’s own Christopher J. Garcia pop up in episode one. Tyne Travel, where comedians discuss regional history. And Script Apart where screenwriters discuss the process from their first draft to the shooting script for famous movies (and in this latest season, tv shows too).

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