Halloween roundup

We had a party again on the Saturday this year, I cobwebbed the hall and bookshelves as before but made the mantelpiece into a pretty decent spooky altar. Costumes ended up low-key (at least compared to original plans) reusing our sunspot outfits from a previous event, but some friends did excellent Hera and Kanan outfits.

On Halloween itself we got an hour or so of trick-or-treaters before catching Metro into town to see Garth Marenghi at the Tyne Theatre. I wasn’t sure what to expect aside from him being in character, but it was great! We bought a copy of Incarcerat, which apparently contains three tales, which is a good idea for this sort of gag really. He read excerpts, had two volunteers come up to “audition” for movie roles (both were brilliant), and then tool questions (and wrangled a heckler) all of which had just the right balance of performance and chaos.

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