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Beyond the Brotherhood

So far 2020 has been chock full of culture for us, we’ve fitted in two museum visits and a movie trip and the month is not over yet.

First Saturday of January we took the train into the New Forest to see an exhibit at the St. Barbe Museum and Gallery in Lymington. The idea behind the exhibition was what would Romantic art look like today, and while it was a mixed bag there were artists and pieces I liked a great deal. Primarily we were there to see a big intricate piece by local Southampton artist Greg Gilbert, who we first found at the local museum here. We also had breakfast at Hoxton, visited every single charity shop (I found a Hario Jumping Leaf teapot), and had a lovely lunch at Lemana.

The next weekend John’s parents visited and was beer, Costco, and boardgames mostly. They kindly brought the things we hadn’t wanted to lug home after Xmas, so I now have a light box and a paper trimmer, amongst other things. Oh, and a hammer drill!

Finally las weekend we went to our local Southampton City Gallery for an exhibition called Beyond the Brotherhood: The Pre-Raphaelite Legacy, which is basically what it says on the tin. It had a wonderful range; the first section includes a wide range of pieces and types of art, from big familiar pieces to illustrations, sketches, and ceramics. I was delighted to see ‘Vanity’ by Frank Cadogan Cowper, which is just beautiful up close. The exhibitions then goes on to show the legacy in later art and illustration, up to and including recent and contemporary fantasy art, including Brian Froud and Alan Lee. It wraps up at the end of the month here but then moves on to the Russell-Cotes Gallery in Bournemouth, whose collection is the source of a lot of the major pieces in the exhibit.

All that, and we even made it to the movies for once, to see Jojo Rabbit, which I really loved. I expected the humour, but not the emotional depth necessarily, or not on that level. I basically cried nonstop the last ten minutes. Waititi is doing his own things, but there was a lot of Vonnegut in there, and not a little Dr. Strangelove… it also made me want to watch the original version of To Be or Not to Be. I’m going to be thinking about this one for a while.

Book Challenge

Although I’m not so much about New Year’s resolutions, I am as prone as anybody to take stock in January and make some adjustments. Rather unoriginally they involve reading more and getting more personal projects done, though that impulse is as much driven by finally being settled in the new house as it is by the changing of the year.

So, signed up for the usual reading challenge, aiming for a book a week and doing okay so far with The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter (ehn) and the Girl With All the Gifts (excellent) under my belt, plus a good start on The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories. After that I’ll take a poke at my scattered “currently reading” pile and see if I can’t put one of those out of it’s misery.

Projects are underway, personal website back up and running (obvs), issue two of Lulzine being brainstormed, and Etsy store dusted off and awaiting input.

Also, John and I went up to London for Hogg’s birthday and we did food and culture.

All that and two journal entries. Not too bad for week three.