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May the Fourth

Star Wars day falls on a Monday, which is when we play our Edge of the Empire weekly role play, so that works out.

Besides that we’ve been playing various boardgames from John’s collection. Some Imperial Assault, the app version. Some random small games like Welcome to Dinoworld, which I am abysmally bad at. But mostly Arkham Horror, we’ve played several kinds but this weekend we started the app version, which is not bad at all.

Meanwhile I’ve finally gotten back onto the PS4 on a regular basis, sinking my teeth into Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s a very pretty game, with enough of a variety to keep me focused. It’s been a while since I played enough of a game to actually get decent at it, so that’s nice!

No Novacon, yes chilaquiles.

On the weekend after Halloween we had planned to go to Novacon, but a proper look at the budget suggested that actually maybe quality time with the cats would be better.

As a consolation prize we did get to attend an excellent Mexican brunch birthday party hosted at the other Southampton fannish household. Nick Gibbins put on his chef hat and prepared an amazing spread, there was plenty of lively conversation, plus some tequila, so honestly it wasn’t a million miles off of the Novacon experience in the end.

Besides that I learned how to make pumpkin pie and how to pickle jalapeños, we played some board games, caught up on The Expanse, and terrorized innocent bystanders in the form of goose. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

Book Challenge

Although I’m not so much about New Year’s resolutions, I am as prone as anybody to take stock in January and make some adjustments. Rather unoriginally they involve reading more and getting more personal projects done, though that impulse is as much driven by finally being settled in the new house as it is by the changing of the year.

So, signed up for the usual reading challenge, aiming for a book a week and doing okay so far with The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter (ehn) and the Girl With All the Gifts (excellent) under my belt, plus a good start on The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories. After that I’ll take a poke at my scattered “currently reading” pile and see if I can’t put one of those out of it’s misery.

Projects are underway, personal website back up and running (obvs), issue two of Lulzine being brainstormed, and Etsy store dusted off and awaiting input.

Also, John and I went up to London for Hogg’s birthday and we did food and culture.

All that and two journal entries. Not too bad for week three.