It’s been very cold, a few days of frost and even a brief bit of snow – though nothing like elsewhere in the country. It’s a bit harder to stay productive in the January doldrums, but I’ve been doing okay at exercising relatively consistently, which is probably good now that even the cats aren’t excited about going into the garden.

Two virtual conventions are fast coming up, Capricorn and Boskone, so that’s been good motivation to get some fans done. On the digital side of things, I’ve been learning Procreate, mostly with YouTube tutorials for the moment, although I suspect I’ll need to find a decent Patreon or the like soon as those run out.

I’ve also been meeting my reading goal so far, focusing on Best Novel Hugo potentials. So far The Vanished Birds is the real standout, possibly Doors of Eden, we’ll see how Ministry of the Future shakes out. Likewise I’ve made myself a list of movies on streaming the would qualify for Best Dramatic Presentation Long Form. Not much effort so far in the other categories, whoops.

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