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Yesterday was our sixth wedding anniversary, which we celebrated with a little too much beer at Unity Brewing. We started with a pint of their Grayson, which has sold out in cans already, and hadn’t had dinner yet. We’d gambled there might be a food truck, but I think those are only on Saturdays. Instead, we decided to go home via 7Bone and pick up burgers and milkshakes.

We staggered home and ate while watching the first hour of Aquaman. The burgers were great, the milkshakes were great, the movie was pretty bad. After an hour we were still drunk and now also full and sleepy, and the movie just kinda kept going, so we gave up and went to bed.

Today we were both pretty hungover, and the weather was pretty awful, with very high winds. Actually not a bad day to stay in and be lazy. On a bit of a sad note, my old housemate Arcana posted on Facebook that Kumar the Mighty, or as Jim put it, The Cat Mayor of the Avenues, had died aged 16 (roughly, we don’t know exactly how old he was). He moved in with us, and Harold followed him, but eventually he moved on upstairs with Arcana while Harold stayed downstairs with Palle and I.

He was a pretty relaxed cat with us, in terms of letting you pick him up, bathe him, clip his claws, whatever you needed, but he would come back from his nights out sometimes with injuries, possibly from scrapping with the raccoons, other times truly seemed like he was hungover, like he’d been out on a three day bender. And boy would he get dirty. God only knows what he got up to. Aloof and mildly irritated by us while indoors, he was a happy boy outdoors. I would come walking home and if he spotted me he’d run beside me, flop down for pets, and be generally happy. Then we’d get inside and he’d act like we’d never met, but he would still visit. Both cats spent time hanging out at various houses on the block, actually. Now that he’s gone, and Harold is living with Palle in Arizona, it’s truly the end of an era.

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