Scariest time of year

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader whether the above refers to Halloween, Election Day, or Lockdown 2.

In any case, yesterday was Halloween. John and I watched all three Evil Dead movies! Army of Darkness is way goofier than I remembered, and I remembered it being pretty damned goofy, but the first two hold up well I think. The first is a solid low budget horror movie and for me the all-around best of the three, but the second is probably more re-watchable; it’s weirder, leans into the mythology, and the characters more distinct- if a bit broader. There’s a reason Evil Dead the Musical is based on it. We ordered Chinese food and I decorated the windows in aid of the push this year for trick-or-treaters to do a Halloween trail instead, we did hear groups of kids outside on and off so hopefully they enjoyed that.

Tomorrow I go back to working (from home) which is gonna be interesting after several months away.

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