The Great British Queue

It’s the weekend before the Queen’s funeral, so we get a bank holiday, but everything is closed.

Just getting back in the groove of things after a few weeks of non-stop. Orlando, which was very hot and humid. Short version: Galaxy’s Edge was great, the rest of Hollywood Studios seemed neat but it was too hot for me to appreciate. We had some great cajun food, even better Mexican, and lots of IHOP breakfasts. We saw the amazing Tiffany collection at the Morse Museum, followed by some tasy bbq. Went to Kennedy Space Center, which was buzzing with Artemis excitement, we went to Cocoa Beach the morning of the attempted launch and obviously that didn’t happen but had a nice breakfast and had a swim off of Alan Shepard Beachfront Park, where you could see the launchpad in the distance, until the clouds rolled in.

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