Year of the Tiger

Well, that’s a lot to live up to, and speaking as a Rabbit, a little intimidating. But with a big move underway and hopefully lots of good changes to go with it, it feels promising all the same.

Current distractions from the wait of finalizing the house purchase are Lovecraft Investigations, from BBC Sounds, and the Zenith, the new VR MMO.

The former is spooky but weirdly relaxing to fall asleep to. In the past I’d avoided narrative audio at bedtime because paying attention kept me awake, but I guess that was more of a problem with comedies. Turns out audiobooks and radio dramas work wonderfully, and avoid my being tempted by a screen.

Zenith is all screen of course, and if yesterday was any indication, I’m going to have to set a timer to take the headset off. Even the grind of getting my character past the absolute novice stage was engaging enough that I ignored physical discomfort to get to the next level. Today there was a server outage, which is just as well as I think I might have pulled something with my overenthusiastic sword action. It all seems very basic so far, and I’m sure MMO veterans are a bit more critical than I am, but I’m looking forward to exploring!

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